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Friday May 25th 2018

How can I find out if repairs have been made to my vehicle due to a recall?

My husband wrecked his truck this morning. We believe the brakes failed. Thanks to links from Yahoo Answers I was able to see a recall on his 2004 Chevy Silverado regarding the brakes. How can I tell if any repairs were done in connection with a recall? We bought it in November of 2005 according the NHTSA websiet there was a recall issued in 2004 for brakes. Please help.
He didn’t hit anybody smart***!!! It was a single vehicle accident. No one was injured.

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4 Responses to “How can I find out if repairs have been made to my vehicle due to a recall?”

  1. roady42 says:

    O so he sucks at driving and instead of just admitting it he wants to blame GM.

  2. bird44880 says:

    The repairs used to be entered into gm’s system at the dealer at the time of the repair. They use the vin # of the car so it does not matter who owned it at the time. The dealer should be able to look up your car and see what recalls have been done. P.S. Recall was a DIRTY word in the dearership when I was a technician for gm. They used to call them Programs

  3. terje_treff says:

    Any Chevy dealership should be able to look it up based on your VIN. They should be able to see if the recall was done.

    If the truck has been at a Chevy dealership at any time after the recall was issued, the dealership would have performed the recall.

  4. chris says:

    Bird4488 is right on the money…But to keep informed on recalls daily, sign up for and keep your family totally safe

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